Nr. 311 is the Japanese Edd from Ei, Eii n Eiji.

Unlike Edd himself, Eii is a humanoid (artificial intelligence). His character is described "a lie" and programmed into his system to make him fit in untill it is no longer needed. It means that Eii has no personality.

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Eii mami talking
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Eii is a killer-robot created by an unknown team of scientists. He is one of the many, yet unique robots designed, but they don't make an appearance. There exists a chance that they've been destroyed or were mere test subjects with Eii as the definite result.

Eii was sent to school by the goverment for a reason that remains unknown to all, until Mami Kanta (Marie Kanker) experiences that reason herself somewhere halfway the story: An unknown force wants to turn all living beings into robots by "injecting their brain with a suspicious virus that are actually microscopic bots, instead of regular bacteria, and removing the organs while the victim is being held concious by the injected virus".
Mami was captured after she'd drawn the attention of a robot who was about to destroy Eii, and took her to an unknown area in Pi-chi Irie High School where this procedure was explained to her by a non-familliar voice.

Mami was going to be the first one to recieve this transformation, but Eii destroyed the equipment before that could happen.

The Beginning

The fire alarm goes off and the school principal announces that all the doors and windows are locked shut, but that everyone should stay put.
That very second Eii storms out of the classroom and a few minutes later the kids hear loud noises in the corridor. When the teacher opens the door to take a look she ends up having a katana pierced through her head.
The kids figure out that they're in great danger, but also that Eii is still out there. Mami goes out to find him while Ei and Eiji scold her being stupid for leaving the classroom.
Soon after, Mami gets approached by a friendly hallway monitor who wants to take her back to her class for not having a pass, but gets killed by Eii without any decent explanation.

At that point she thinks Eii has gone mad, but Eii doesn't hestitate to go back to the classroom with her and tell the truth about him and the attacks, except for "why" the attacks are happening.

In this story Eii called for back-up several times, but never recieved any answer, making him fight a solo-battle while the enemy party exists out three kinds of "villains":

  • The humanoid robots
  • The war robots
  • The Traitors (humans).

The humanoid robots are some of the students. They can fight, but they're obviously not made for serious combat. The war robots are what you consider the "normal" robots. They don't hide underneath a human-like skin, are made for intense battle, and come in various shapes.
The Traitors are the humans who joined this evil force. Even though they're human, Eii does not hestitate to kill them.

Ei, Eii n Eiji was supposed to be like the regular Ed, Edd n Eddy, but eventually this plot was written.


As suggested by the unfinished animated comic, Eii and Mami end up hiding in an airshaft. Eii's body stopped working because it was destroyed in battle, and this concludes that both Eii and Mami won't get out the school building alive.

Eii's Appearance

Eii has two different appearances: his "Undercover Form" and his "True Form". As soon troubles started, Eii abandoned his Undercover Form by deleting the software that included his character "Eii", since the trigger moment came. This also means that Eii can never go back to who he was.

Eii has the appearance of a Vocaloid, hence his headphone. He also has the number "311" printed on his forehead (left), while Vocaloids have a number on their arm. In general this number is invisible to all; it has always been Eii's hat or 311's hair which covered it up.

Regular Appearance

The regular Eii.

  • Long-shaped, black hat
  • Headphone
  • Black eyes
  • White school shirt
  • Short purple trousers

True Appearance

Eii, no longer taking cover. Better known as "311".

  • Long, black hair. Parodies hairdos seen in animes
  • Headphone
  • White eyes, small pupil. Light-blue eyewhite
  • Wider eyes
  • Purple/silver combat suit
  • Katana equipped
  • Two handguns equipped
  • Chaingun equipped

311 is still able to give himself a regular appearance, like switching eyes and changing clothes; since this costume is not part of his body.


Lee: "HA HA, Mami, we picked the right ones."
Jouji: "Sing us a song, Double I!"
Eii: "I can't dream because I don't have any desires."


  • The name "Eii" is derived from the numbers "311".
  • The fact that Edd's parents communicate with him through sticky notes in the original show is used here to hide that Eii doesn't have any real parents.
  • Eii's friendship with Ei and Eiji was unintented.
  • In the original show Ed, Edd and Eddy know each other at young age, but since Eii is a robot, Ei, Eii and Eiji's past together is vague.
  • The teacher and hallway monitor were Traitors.
  • Eii was destined to die; it was expected for him not to survive his mission, and in case he would, he'd get destroyed by his own creators afterwards. Eii knows about his fate. Why he has to be destroyed is unknown.

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