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From the maker of Holly-Ed, Ricky490 presents a show showing the life and times of Ed, Edd n Eddy with a little imagination from Ricky490 himself. See what Edventures the Ed get into with leaping scams for perilous quarters to spend on jawbreakers. Note: not related to Holly-Ed


Ed- the bodybuilder and strength of the Eds, though not so smart, he helps the Eds out with abnormal strength

Edd- (also known as Double D) he's the brains and inventer of the Eds, while helping with Eddy's scams, he still is the good guy in preventing Eddy from making a mistake, he also has a secret under his hat.

Eddy- the leader of the Eds and the main scammer, he is the greedest kid in the Cul-de-sac, and will do anything to get a couple of quarters from the kids. He is also shown to be a slacker at school.

Jonny 2x4- the loner of the Cul-de-sac, always hanging around with 2x4 wood, Plank, he soon becomes great friends with Kyle, the new kid on the street, who helps him when he gets his head stuck.

Plank- a piece of who is Jonny's best friend's, despite being a piece of wood, Jonny and Kyle are able to understand it and may be even "alive."

Kevin- the bully of the Cul-de-sac, who harass the Eds when tampered with, and rarely gives a cent to Eddy's scams

Nazz- the flirt of the Cul-de-sac, all the boys (except Jimmy) like to impress her, but she seems to only like Kevin

Rolf- the foreigner and immigrant of the Cul-de-sac, he is from a land of unknown customs and traditions which is unknown by all the kids, he is friends with Nazz and Kevin

Sarah- the loud mouth of the Cul-de-sac, being Ed's brother, she gets anything she wants or she'll get Ed "grounded" and tattle on Mom, she usually cares for the accident-prone Jimmy.

Jimmy- the wimp of the Cul-de-sac, he permenatly got a retailer from a scam the Eds made, he is now a feminine accident-prone wimp who is waited in her maiden, Sarah. Without her, he is pretty much helpless

Kyle- the new kid in the Cul-de-sac, who is the voice of reason on the Eds's scams, he is one of Jonny's great friends and is also able to understand Plank, he dreams of becoming a judge (or a director)


Title card

Title Summary Scam(s) that take place Title reference #


The New Kid on the Ed
The New Kid on the Ed Kyle is a new kid on the Cul-de-sac, but will he find friends with the Eds around. How-to-make-Friends Seminar The New Kid on the Block 1-1A March 7, 2010
Ed or Consequences
Ed or Consequences Jonny sees Plank cut in half, and he believes the Eds did it, but it's up to Kyle to find out the Ed's side of the story. Ed's Bug Control Truth or Consequences 1-1B

March 7, 2010

According to Ed
According to Ed Eddy loses his report card, and now 4 minutes to find the report card, before he gives it to his teacher. None (Yet?) According to You 1-2A March 14, 2010
Eye of the Ed
Eye of the Ed When Double D "ruins" Kevin's bike, Kevin decides to challenge Double D to a wrestling match, but will Kyle help Double D be ready? None (Yet?) Eye of the Tiger 1-2B March 14, 2010
Ed in the Sky
Ed in the Sky When Eddy discovers Kyle's talent in pizza-making, Eddy uses Kyle in a scam, but will that be a good thing? Eddy Hut Pie in the Sky 1-3A March 21, 2010
Ed is a Many Splendored Thing
Ed is a Many Splendored Thing With the School Dance going on, and after discovering Nazz is dateless, the boys in the Cul-de-sac (except Jimmy) try to get Nazz to ask them out. Kiss-a-Hunk Love is a Many Splendored Thing 1-3B March 21, 2010
Don't Let the Edbugs Bite
Don't Let the Edbugs Bite When Jimmy wets his bed, he goes through a web of lies to try to prevent anyone from believing that he wet himself. Ed's Excuse Web Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite 1-4A TBA
Ready, Set, Ed!
Ready, Set, Ed! Rolf is playing his tradition game, "Bootakick", Kyle wants know to play, but can't understand the rules, can Double D's research help Kyle be a Bootakick player? Double D the Researcher Ready, Set, Go! 1-4B TBA
Raggedy Ed
Raggedy Ed When Sarah's doll is stolen, it's up to Ed's Slooth Service to find the missing doll, but will it lead to shocking results? Ed's Slooth Service Raggedy Ann 1-5A TBA
TBA One is the Loneliest Ed When Double D and Eddy are at camp, Ed is lonely, but to cheer Ed up, Kyle dresses up as Double D and Eddy. None One is the Loneliest Number 1-5B TBA
TBA The Boy Who Cried Ed Kyle discovers a shocking secret about Rolf and tries to spread it to everyone but we still discover the real secret first? Double D the Researcher The Boy Who Cried Wolf 1-6A TBA
TBA Ed, Diddle, Diddle Kyle wants to become a Urban Ranger but has to earn 3 badges in the next 24 hours to do, but will he succeed with the Eds around? Urban Detention Program Hey, Diddle, Diddle 1-6B TBA
TBA Ed-Me-Downs Kyle's older brother, Ricky, visits Cul-de-sac for the weekend. Will Kyle survive or will he be jealous? Big Brother Campaign Hand-Me-Downs 1-7A TBA
TBA In Sickness and In Ed Eddy tricks Kyle into thinking he has a rare disease that makes your body green called Monogreenosis. Edpartment of Health and Human Services In Sickness and In Health 1-7B TBA

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