A Ed Day's Night is a Me and The Eds movie. It is the 1st movie of the series.


The story opens with the band known as The Measels. Eddy Star, drummer for The Measels, is on the run looking for base player Ed Harrison's house. The two meet up and get the apartment of base player and backup singer Edd Lennon. They take his car to the mansion of the lead singer and guitar player Prime McCartney. They are trying to avoid all the screaming fans of thier 1st performance. Prime suggests they take his private jet modeled like a yellow submarine. They fly off to the English town of Liverdrool. They meet up with Edd Lennon's grandfather who supplies them with hospitality until The Measels can get a new gig in Liverdrool. Star and Harrison practice new songs while Lennon and McCartney play a good game of High or Low and Backgammon. The 4 get thier 1st performance playing thier new single, "Yellow Ed-marine" and thier #1 hit "A Ed Day's Night". The Measels become an overnight music sensation. Upon thier return to Peach Creek, The Measels have become a worldwide phenomenon. They decide to expand thier band by making a fan club and a restaraunt in thier honor. The Measels soon break up into 2 seperate groups after an arguement over who steals the show. After they are asked to perform on The Tonight Show With Lawrence Elfman, The Measels quickly get together again to make thier final performance. After thier final breakup, they each go off on thier own destiny. Ed becomes a weapons manufacturer, Edd joins the Congress of The United States, Eddy opens a jawbreaker bank , and Prime becomes a stand up comic.

Band Members

  • Ed/Ed Harrison: Base player. Parody of George Harrison
  • Edd/ Edd Lennon: Base and backup singer. Parody of John Lennon
  • Eddy/Eddy Star: Drummer. Parody of Ritchee "Ringo" Star
  • Casimus Prime/ Prime McCartney: Guitar player and lead singer. Parody of Paul McCartney.


  • Edd Lennon: Prime, I have a bad feeling about that concert. What are we supposed to do?
  • Prime McCartney: We'll have to go to another country for a while. I have something that can help us.
  • Ed Harrison: What? What is it? Is it a dohickey?
  • Prime McCartney: No. Remember these lyrics: sky of blue and sea of green. In our yellow (pulls off a tarp) submarine. It's also a private jet.
  • Eddy Star: Do these seats have lumbar support? My back is killing me.
  • Prime McCartney: No, but it does have a massager.
  • Ed Harrison: Whew. That was fun Eddy.
  • Edd Lennon: Think about it guys. A few more concerts and we'll be hits.


  • The band is a pun on The Beatles and the song A Hard Day's Night.
  • The characters are named after the Beatles members.
  • This is the 1st Me and The Eds movie.

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