Note: Everyone Dies in This One so If You Have a Problem with your Character Dying Contact me on My Talk Page --User:BestEEnEFan I Die in It.

A Pointless Ending is a Fan-Fiction Ending to Ranger Elite VII a Movie to The Series Ranger Elite By BestEEnEFan, Every One Dies in It (Every Fan-Made Character and Existing Character (On The Show).


  • Lucas: Ok Guys....... and Women due To the New Members on This Team, It's That Time of The Month Again Kill Each Other.

[Lucas Shoots Ed]

  • Eddy: What The Hell Lucas, Kill Our Best Friend.
  • Lucas: Hey, S**t Happens.

[Dick Dies]

  • Kevin: Hahaha, Moron.
  • Apollo: I Declor Wara. (TRANSLATION: I Declare War)
  • Eddy: I'm Riggin' This Thing.

[Gunshots Fire at Tank]

  • Eddy: This is For All My Scams You Ruined.

[Shoots Molly with The Tank]

  • Double-D: You Didn't Have to Kill My Cousin (I Can't Believe I'm Doing This).

[Double-D Shoots Eddy]

  • Eddy: Were on The Same Team, Dumbass [Eddy Dies].

[Sandy Kills Double-D]

  • Lucas: Who gave Her a Gun.

[Rolf Kills Lucas]

  • Rolf: War is Ours, No-Ed Edboy,
  • Jonny: Hey, Do you Know Where My Armour Went.
  • Face Crusher: I Know Where Face Went A**hole (Please Note That ThugLife64 Does not Appreciate Swearing Yet we Find it Funny).

[Face Crusher Kills Jonny & Sandy]

  • Face Crusher: Screw You A--.

[Edna Shoots Face Crusher]

  • Edna: You were on The Same Team.
  • Face Crusher: Enough to Know you Got a Pretty Mouth.

[Face Crusher Dies]

  • Rolf: You Do Not Kill Rolf's Best Warrior.
  • Capitan Ivan: I'm Getting Bored.

[Captain Ivan Blows Up Everyone Expect Edna] [Edna Shoots Ivan]

  • Captain Ivan: I Knew That Would Happen.

[Ivan Dies]

  • Edna: I am The Greatest, I Beat Everyone, Now Theres Nobody Left But Me"
  • ThugLife64: Theres Me and You Go Bye-Bye

[ThugLife Shoots Edna]

  • [Three Weeks Later]

[ThugLife Dies of Boredom].

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