Ach, Äch 'n Achü
Ach Ach n Achu Uncoloured by Me

Created by

Sara Lincoln, Printt

Original channel

Fanon Channel

Ach, Äch 'n Achü is a German version of Ed Edd n Eddy.



The German Ed. He wears normal clothes like Ed's.


The German Edd. He is a neat freak like Edd.


The German Eddy. He is a scammer like Eddy.


The German Nazz. She likes to date with the Ache.


The German Kevin. He has a German feather on his hat.


The French Rolf. He weares a buret and a shirt with I<heart>FR on it.

Don and Horn

The German Jonny and Plank. Don is the one with no thousand lines of hair standing up. Horn is a Swiss horn.


The German Sarah. She is meaner then Sarah.


The German Jimmy. He has a German hat.

Ol Kanche

The German Lee. She wears normal like Lee's.

Machavon Kanche

The German Marie. She wears normal like Marie's.

Masun Kanche

The German May. She wears normal like May's.

Achü's Brother

The German Eddy's Brother. He is Achü's Older Brother.

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