This is the Dutch Ed, Edd, n Eddy. This fanfiction was created by DogDays124.


Ad: The Dutch Ed.

He wears clogs. He wears a blue jacket, with red and white stripes.

Ad has a talent for opera singing. He is part German, so he tends to say random things in German such as 'Plätzchen und Milch!', which means 'Cookies and milk!', he also says 'Soße' which means gravy, even though he is allergic, and he is addicted to butterscotch pudding.

Ab: The Dutch Edd.

He wears clogs. He wears a green dutch hat. Ab wears a white shirt and overals. He is called by his last named, "B", in this case.

His favorite song to listen to is 'Edelweis".

Abraham: The Dutch Eddy.

He wears the same thing he normally wears.

He steals the kids' rare stuff and then sells it back to them.

Jim: The Dutch Jimmy.

Job: The Dutch Jonny.

Kaleb: The Dutch Kevin.

Nancy: The Dutch Nazz.

Skyla: The Dutch Sarah.

Rostva: The Russian Rolf

Liesel: The Dutch Lee

Merie: The Dutch Marie

Mira: The Dutch May

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