"Adult Takeover (Book Series)"
Date written: 2010-Present
Writer: Spongeman537
Series: Adult Takeover

Adult Takeover is a Book Series written by Spongeman537. IF YOU EDIT OR VANDALIZE THIS PAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (with the exception of small spelling or grammar edits of course) I WILL FIND YOUR ADDRESS AND HUNT YOU DOWN (Kidding, but still don't edit or vandalize)


The Main plot of the series is Adults all over the world are turned evil by a mysterious person try to make the kids their slaves (no, ACTUAL slaves, not "Do your chores!" slaves) The Cul-de-sac kids, as well as other kids in Peach Creek and Lemon Brook wage war against the adults, while Ed, Eddy, Nazz, Marie, and a new girl named Kathy, become a Special Team known as E.A.T. (Elite Agents Triumph) to find the person who transformed the adults into evil masterminds and to break his curse.



  • Eddy: The Leader of the E.A.T. group, and was the first one to witness his parent become evil. He is the one who usually comes up with plans (though they fail) and always tries to save himself first, but he is very close to his team and friends. He is known to like Kathy, and is oblivious she likes him back.



Book One: It Begins

Coming Soon

Book Two: Survival


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