Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Aliens Of the Earth (Episode)"
All, At the Meteor
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 2
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: The Arrival (Episode)
Next Episode: My Strike Lady (Episode)


After the big meteor falls, Eddy tells them that the challenge is alien-themed. The kids and Evil Tim run to it, but then Ed and Marie are captured. The teams are revealed that they have to resuce them from the aliens. They are given GPS's and they go. Double D calls the lead, so he fllows them through a simple path. Evil Tim can't take it so he takes the lead. But when he goes through the wall, the kids on his team bump into it. Kevin screams at Evil Tim, but the evil mastermind makes one of his enimies to capture him. Lee punches Evil Tim, and they move on. Rolf calls everyone to get into his tractor. Later, Jonny is on his GPS with Plank in his shirt leading the team. Then, he bumps into a wall. He tells the team that Marie is in there, so they open the door. Marie IS in there, and they win the challenge. Edd, Evil Tim, Kevin, Rolf and Lee walk over to see. Then they realize they lost, but Evil Tim blames Double D for everything. Ed walks up and asks "What is all the yelling about?" The Screaming Eds scream, as Ed WASN'T locked in. Later, at the Guilded Eddy Ceremony, Eddy asks the players to hit the button to their votes. He gives Guilded Eddys to Ed, Edd, Kevin and Lee. The final Guilded Eddy goes to Rolf. Evil Tim is frustrated, but the team tells him they found out he snuck into the show for revenge. Evil Tim is carried off, and he screams "YOU WILL BE CURSED!". Eddy annouces that May will be on their team next time. The episode ends.


  • Edd: Darn, we lost!

Ed: What is all the yelling about?

Edd: (suprised) Ed, were you locked in that safe?

Ed: No Double D. I figured my team would need help so I pushed myself out.


  • Eddy: The final Guilded Eddy goes to... (Rolf and Evil Tim are scared) Rolf!


Edd: No you weren't. You went through a wall. And we couldn't. And you snuck onto the show for revenge.

Evil Tim: (angry) YOU WILL BE CURSED!


  • Evil Tim is voted off.
  • This episode's challenge is alien themed.

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