Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
Season No.: 2
Episode No.: 23
Writer(s): Spongeman537
Director(s): Spongeman537
Previous Episode: Happy Birthday!
Next Episode: Cousins with the Enemy

Alienz is the 10th episode of 2009 Ed-ition's Season 2. It is the First TV Movie of the Series. It involves Eddy writing his own song called "Alienz" but it becomes popular and big trouble arrives!



Eddy is bored. Ed, Double D, Molly, and Sandy have all gone to the Beach for the week without him, and nobody wishes to play with Eddy. One Night, Eddy watches a Movie about Aliens Ed left at his house, and Eddy gets an idea. He writes a rap called "Alienz", with some help from the Kankers (it cost him, but it was worth it). Eddy sees a contest for who's music creation is best on the TV, and he decides to submit it.

After he does, two days later, the winner is announced and... EDDY WON! Eddy wins a Grand prize of $100,000 dollars and Eddy becomes rich. Eddy is happy with his new-found wealth, but an angel-like version of Eddy (like Double D from "Cleanliness in Next to Edness") and tells him he should stop what he's doing. But Eddy refuses, and keeps all the money to him. Then the rest of the gang return and see what happened, shocked.

Then, an Evil, Sneaky Manager offers Eddy a job, and Eddy jumps to it. However, the gang discovers the Manager is evil and plans to use Eddy for the manager's return to fame! They try to tell Eddy what the manager is thinking, but he's too business because of his money. With no choices left, Double D decides to confront his manager. The manager refuses to tell Eddy his plan, but unfortunately, Ed is hiding in a cabinet recording their conversation.

When they finally reach Eddy, he doesn't believe what the gang is saying, until Sandy plays the tape, and this shocks him. He fires the Manager, and decides to sacrifice all his riches for his friends and family. He gives it all to Charity, and soon, everything returns to normal.

Next Week, we see the Eds playing "Kick the Can" on the sidewalk, when Eddy stops and says he is sorry the way he acted and thanks them all for saving him. Molly and Sandy come out and they all have a Group hug. Meanwhile, we see Eddy's manager in a dumpster crying, because he can't be a star, and suddenly, the lid closes, and he's in the trash alone.


  • Most of the Cul-de-sac Children don't appear in this episode.

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