Andromedical Octopius

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The Eds are coming

An Andromedical Octopius is a octopus that lives in the Andromeda Galaxy, It is in the same genus as the squid of Planet X, It looks like the octopus hats Rolf's family wore on May 11, 2007, Day of the Space Wars, Fall of X Empire & The Battle at Rolf's House.


Not much is known of these aliens, however, they can invent stuff such as a thermonuclear core reactor, radioactive brain cores & thermonuclear heat generators. They can do a couple unusual ability's, one is refered to as the Kiss of Death, where the octopus would push out lips in it's mouth & kiss it's victim to kill him or her, most likely it's a female, When an octopius uses the Death Kiss, it would suck all the life out of the victim's mouth, causing the victim's lips to turn dry & the brain stop.


Not much is known about the nature of an Octopius


There are a few known ability's Octopius' can do.

Death Kiss

One of the Octopius' ability's is called the Death Kiss, where a octopius would push out it's lips & kiss it's victim, It's also refered to as the Kiss of Death, because the Kiss would kill the victim in seconds by having the octopus suck all of the victim's life out, If the octopus on Rolf's head was a real octopius, it would've tryed to Kiss Nazz to kill her & grow stronger.

Peach Creek Army's encounters with Andromedical Octopiuses


May 11

Battle at Rolf's House

At the Battle at Rolf's House, When Ed suggested a sacrifice, Nazz was tied up in front of the house's garage, In the attempt, Rolf's hat emerged & Rolf walked out, if the hat was a real Octopius, It would've used the Kiss of Death on Nazz.

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