In her first fanfic, DemonCat66 (a huge EEnE fan) wrote and completed a 12 chapter book about how the entire cul-de-sac would face the end of the world. With Ed himself as the main character, the group has to face a tremendous amount of trouble, from earthquakes to meteor showers. In one extreme moment, Ed is faced with the one of the greatest he ever faced...or ever will.


The story begins Sarah waking up Ed to take her to Jimmy's. Ed then meets with his friends to begin showcasing their new scam -- a water slide. Ed gets a weird tingly feeling that quickly goes away. Later, he receives it again just before an earthquake hits. He tries to explain, but no one wants to her him. Jimmy finds his house has burst into flame and rushes in. After a while, Ed runs in after Jimmy to rescue him. He manages, but passes out after he does so. Ed wakes up with burn marks and severe injuries. He explains to everyone how he thinks that it's the end of the world and they return home. That night, Ed's house is flooded. He takes shelter in Eddy's house. In the morning, the Ed's go to find the Kankers (because Ed says he doesn't want them to die) and are able to convince them to come after a meteor shower destroys their home. As they try to run away, another flood drives them to a mountain. On the climb up, Ed cuts his eye (but it isn't serious). A week later, after a 'meal', Rolf falls gravely ill. Ed is soon to follow. Many others get sick as well. When Ed recovers, he breaks down into a crying mess and says he can't go on. Sarah comforts him and fills him with new energy. In a turn of events, Ed receives a dream stating he will give up what is most precious to him so he can save his friends. Ed and edd travel up to the mountain and Edd inquires why Ed seems uneasy. Before he can confess, another violent earthquake hits. The two manage to get down the mountain in time to save the others. In a show of unlikely heroism, Ed pushes everyone to safety and tumbles to his doom. he wakes up in a dark place where a voice 'congratulates' him on facing his destiny. Ed sees how much everyone is heartbroken and begs to go back. The voice allows it. When he wakes up, no one sees him (because they are turned away) and he starts to laugh. When May Kanker notices, she hugs him and he kisses her. Ed explains how the voice told him it was never the end of the world and Edd deduces that it was all just "ridiculous coincidence". The cul-de-sac return to their home.

Please note: This fanfic is not yet publicized. It will be uploaded to eventually.

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