it was april fool's day eddy is going to trick all the kids and ed edd. eddy went in ed's house and he prank him with stink bombs and ed was very mad. at edd's house eddy went to edd's room and went to he bed and put lots of goo and edd was not happy what eddy done to he bed eddy loit all the bolt on kevin's bike then kevin is riding he bike and all the bolt fall off the bike and kevin was very mad. rolf is feeding he cow and all the chicken are in the mud and all the pigs are in the meat shed and rolf saw eddy on up of the shed and eddy run off. at jimmy house jimmy and sarah are playing outside eddy use a slingshot with water bomb eddy and he all the water bomb said april fool. jonny and plank at walking to the playgound eddy got a bag stink bomb jonny is on the swing eddy shot all the stink bomb and a stinky kevin house rolf jonny jimmy sarah and ed edd kevin what eddy to be prank the kids and ed edd are looking for eddy and prank him ed and edd made a white stink bomb look like a jawbreakers the kids and ed edd saw eddy coming this way the kids and ed edd are hide and eddy see a jawbreakers he is now eating it but it now pop and eddy got it out the kids and ed edd starting laugh eddy was verymad he going to prank the kids and ed edd next year.

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