Battle Blades are new card game machine seen in Me and The Eds.

Standby Mode

Standby mode resembles the Capsule Shooter seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters. It has a cube piece on the left side with a blue sqaure light. It is worn on the left arm and is compact for storage.

Battle Mode

Battle mode is where the cube's sides slide out to reveal 4 card zones and the light is a card zone. The center is for your primary card, the other 4 are standby cards. The back reveals two card slots. One for your Surronding Card and one for your Card Master. Underneath the center zone is a slot for Trick Cards and Power Cards. When you lay a card on the blue card zone, it flashes in a yellow-ish orange color

Appearance in the Series

After the episode Ed-Dy-Oh! They appear on the Eds and Casimus' left arms. The primary color is thier choice, but the secondary color is white. Ed's is green, Edd's is red, Eddy's is yellow, and Casimus' is blue. When Casimus is on his one-wheeled motorcycle, it acts as the left armrest.

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