Battle of Rolf's House


Peach Creek, Cul-de-sac, Rolf's house


  • May 11, 2007/ Gagg 11, 2983
  • 3:30-7:30p.m.




1. Peach Creek Army

2. Aliens (Rolf's Family)


1. Peach Creek Army

2. Aliens (Rolf's Family)

  • Unknown


The Battle at Rolf's House was a battle that took place on Earth in Space Wars, While the battle took place, Peach Creek Army was unaware that a starship was sent to find life from the falling X Empire.

Background Information

End of the Rise of the X Empire (Gagg 10, 2983)

On Gagg 10, 2983, A starship was sent to find life in the universe & rip off minor parts of planets, The Empire wanted 3 planets:

  1. Giantus
  2. Bluball (Earth)
  3. Redus

Giantus (Jupiter) was containing no life, Redus (Mars) was rumored for life but had none, Bluball was the X Empire's name of Earth.

Peach Creek Republic's Invasion (May 11, 2007)

Rolf's Underattack

Ed's Investigation

Please fill in

Johnny's Search

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Infiltration of Rolf's House

Main Article: Infiltration of Rolf's House

Edd infiltrated Rolf's House to find out more about the aliens, he was soon scared out of the attempt by not only the dim lights, but the sound of the aliens emerging to the basement & he fled, recieving notes with Ed's B-monster movie magazines & comic books.


First Strike & Casualty

Sarah threw her perfume at the aliens & ran, but the withdraw fire of her perfume landed on her head & she fell, Jimmy hid in Rolf's mailbox, these were the first two casualty's in the first minute of the battle.

Chimney Fire & Fourth Casualty

Johnny & Plank got on Rolf's roof & Johnny got stuck in Rolf's chimney & opened fire on Plank by accident.



Kevin decided to abandon the battle after seeing every failure the army made, Ed suggested a sacrifice to the squid aliens, He said the prettiest female was to be sacrificed.


The Eds set Nazz up as bait to lure the aliens out, An alien came out, but looked like an Andromedical Octopius on Rolf's head, but it was just Rolf's family. If Rolf's hat was a real alien, The alien would've used it's Kiss of Disaster, The Kiss.




Fall of the X Empire

While the kids went home, a UFO lifted the Cul-de-sac into space.

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