galaxion: i waited this for a long time earth curs

edd: but we inprossend you in the scam zone just for couple of hours ago

galaxion: yes but

edu-mak: just shut up and fight

galaxion: yes my lord

edu-mak: let us see what you got

then eddy uses future vision of galaxion

edd: we couldnt done it without you eddy who knew galaxion was so sensitive about getting dumped by keviniscopus

eddy: looks like you going to win

edd: thats very ouch comforting

ed: hey galaxion

galaxion: what

edd: it must of hurt when keviniscopus dumped you huh

galaxion: what are you talking about

edd: you know when he ditched the alliance

galaxion: what keviniscopus dint break the alliance i broke it a dumped him

keviniscopus: thats a lie

then he uses magic and blinds galaxion

galaxion: ah my eyes

then edd kicks galaxion

edd: hyah

he kickes him and then ed uses his head and busted galaxion down

eddy: finish him

then ed starts to beat galaxion

ed: i had enough of you

eddy: i knew that you two were going to do it guys even if a put side bad agains you

edd: we couldnt done it without you eddy , who knew galaxion was so sensitive about getting dumped by keviniscopus

edu-mak: must we do everything around here

then edu-mak flies to the ring and removes galaxion

edu-mak: if you two wont beat the champion then will have the pleasure screping you from the papirus of reality

eddy: try not to ruin my face guys

edu-mak: and dont think we notice you medling with our stolen toys

then edu-mak takes the toys away from eddy

eddy: oh brother

edu-mak: now insects strike me

double d tries but fails

edd: i cant my lord

edu-mak: thats more like it

eddy: i think i have an idea edu-mak is grate , edu-mak is grand

edd: the brilliance of edu-mak is more then we can stand

edd bous down

edu-mak: kneeling wont save you now traitor

eddy: edu-mak is handsome , edu-mak is cute

edd: when we think of edu-mak we give him a big sa ...

then edd hits edu-mak with the brain and eddy body falls

edd: lute

then is earthquake and keviniscopus runs away

edd: oh oh

then its light and it changes back to the real world

ed: we did it

edd: i think i have a headache hey did a miss one of those reality makeover capers

eddy: yeah you just useless through the whole thing

edd: oh

eddy: but dont worry me and ed saved the day all by ourselves even thought i had my hands and legs and all my internal organs tied behind my back

edd: nice work eddy

eddy: now put my brain back to my body this jar is starting to stink

then ed opens the jar and takes eddy brain and puts it in his body and puts his body on the toybox

edd: there you are eddy good as new

eddy: wow its tided in here all that demon broth must of affected my brain

edd: will get you to relax next time lets this trouble making toybox some place safe before another delusional get his hands on it

eddy: aside from me you mean

then keviniscopus comes running and scared in the planetarium

keviniscopus: double d and ed are coming , double d and ed are coming , double d and ed are coming

eddy: you dont have to repeat youselve

edd: and besides were right here

keviniscopus: actually

but then he gets knock out by the door when naked double d and naked ed appears

edd: thats like that dream i had last night i wonder if he studies for his test

eddy: why dont you ask them

then suddenly entire army of naked double d and naked ed comes

edd: eddy , ed

eddy and ed: yes

edd: shouldnt i be waking up now

then the scene stops and the narrator appears

narrator: shouldnt i be waking up now hm hm hm a good question from a good boy and one that you obiosly are asking yourselves even now along with who is the ominous dr norrington how did monsieur keviniscopus survived for over a century and whats the deal with all those naked double d and naked ed , we will have answers acord to these questions in our next episode until then my friends sleep .

then the scene faints to black

to be continued

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