Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Beach Trip (Episode)"
Beach Trip 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 4
Title Reference: Road Trip
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: My Strike Lady (Episode)
Next Episode: Western Takedown (Episode)


As the players wake up, Eddy anouces there will be a beach challenge. The players report to the beach stadium. The first challenge is surfing. First up, Killer Eds! Jonny just falls off the board at the first second without Plank. Jimmy loses his balance, and Sarah calls out for tending. AGAIN. Marie is teased by the other Kankers, which makes her JUMP off the board. And Eddy played music to make Nazz jump off the board. Succsesful. The Screaming Eds only lost Rolf and Edd of the board. And they win. Next, a sand castle challenge happens. The Killer Eds plan to build a castle in the shape of Eddy. The Screaming Eds plan to do it in the shape of the cast. When they are done, Killer Eds don't have so much of an Eddy. It looks like a Kevin mixed with Rolf mixed with Ed. Or a pile of sand. And Screaming Eds perfectly shaped it for the cast. No mess ups. At all. And the Screaming Eds win. Reasons why Killer Eds lost: Jonny couldn't "survive without Plank" and Jimmy kept getting hurt, so Sarah CALLED OUT. At the bonfire, the two final are Jimmy and Jonny, and Jonny is given the last one. Jimmy is put on the boat and he screams, "Vandals! Punigims! I hate you all!". He mutters "Darn egg whites".


  • This is the second time Jimmy says "Darn egg whites" at the end of the episode. The first was "A Couple Badges For Eddy".
  • Jimmy is voted off.
  • Sarah throws the Eds into the pool after Screaming Eds win. First was Hot Buttered Ed.


  • Eddy: Guilded Eddys for Sarah, Nazz, Marie! And finally... Jonny.

  • Sarah: Jimmy, are you okay? I CALL OUT!

  • Ed: My underwear tingles from surfing.

  • Edd: Vwola! A peice of "Sandy" art!
    Sandy [in background]: THANKS COUSIN DOUBLE D!

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