Gimme Gimme Never Plank

Plank's Unknown Idea:Build a Beach.


Kevin,Johnny,Plank,Rolf,Sarah,Jimmy and Nazz watching TV.

Evil Tim

Ed reading Evil Tim.

MMM' Looks Tasty!

The Scam:Ed's Stinky Burgers.

This is one of the episodes from The NEW Edventures of Ed,Edd,N Eddy.

Title referrence:Boring in the Rain

"Boring in the Ed"
Date written: August 1,2009
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: The NEW Edventures of Ed,Edd,N Eddy
Fanfic No.: 3
Previous Fanfic: Ed Kombat
Next Fanfic: Ed the Movies!


It's raining in the Cul-De-Sac and The Eds must find something to do in Eddy's House.


  • This is the first time Nazz says "LOL!" or "OMG!".
  • This is the second time Ed reads Evil Tim.First was It Came From Outer Ed.
  • Evil Tim first appear as a ghost .
  • Ezekiel breaks the fourth wall by saying "This is not a cartoon".


Narrator(Peter Collins):It is raining in The Cul-De-Sac. This is a story of how the Eds made burgers.

Eds: [sigh]

Eddy: Guys.

Ed and Double D:Yeah?

Eddy:What do you wanna do today inside?

More SOON!

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