The Bull Plane is a vehicle that appeared in the Me and The Eds episode, FlugEd.


It first appears as a prototype sketch by Phineas, Edd, and Prime. The trio build it for the competition against Eddy who is working with Kevin. It toke 2 weeks to construct. The total cost to build the plane was $250. The money spent was worth it as though the group won 1st Place. It is unkown if the plane will appear in any other episodes.


Edd and Phineas designed it to look like it was made of oversized Red Bull cans. The main giveaways being that the wings were designed to look like two halves of one can.


  • Modified man-powered Lawnmower (landing gear)
  • Modified training wheel (back support wheel)
  • Custom propeller
  • Truss (to hold wings up)
  • 250mhz 500 horsepower car engine
  • Red, blue, and yellow paint
  • various electronics (for console and controls)
  • large metal tube cut in half


  • The plane will appear in future episodes as a format of transport.
  • Phineas is the only one who built it, but hasn't ridden in it yet.

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