He is weaker then Professer Scam the first time they met Melonhead got lucky he won,but it was not the last battle. Professer scam said he would return and he did and beat Captain Melonhead 3 to 1.He was defeated by Professer Scams Ray of Riches. And he had been killed in a matter of seconds. The whole Cul-de-sac (except the Ed's) went to the funeral , but after the funeral they knew it was Eddy who killed Captain Melonhead and they got so mad they went to kill him. But Professer Scam knew how to take care of them he used his Dollar Gun and paralized them and disappered and still we can not find him today.



  • Automatic Growing Acorns- Captian Melonhead can throw acorns that can grow into trees.
  • Superhuman Speed- Melonhead is able to run at very fast speeds.

Super Powers

  • None


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