Cartoon Wrestling Featuring Ed, Edd n Eddy is a fictional 2D wrestling game for the PSP, X360, DS & 3DS


The Eds are walking home when they see a poster that says $100,000 prize for a Wrestling Tornament. So they enter in, as do T.V. Shows.


VS. Mode



Falls Count Anywhere



Tag Team

Ladder Match

Table Match

Path to a Championship Mode

Rage Mode

Weapons Mode

20ft Cage Cell Mode

Survival Mode

Cheat Mode


The characters are dressed as 3 diferent wrestlers

1. Ed: Vance Archer, Mideon, Christian

2. Double D: Rey Mytsterio, Crash Holly, Matt Hardy

3. Eddy: Chris Jehrico, Edge, Hardcore Holly

4. Rolf: Luke Gallows, Mark Jindrak, Raven

5. Kevin: Chris Benoit, Zack Ryder, Bradshaw

6. Johnny 2x4: D-Von, Faarooq, Shelton Benjimin

7. Jimmy: Rico, Curt Hawkins, Kid Kash

8. Eddy's Brother: Deadman Inc. Undertaker, Big Show, Test


Mordecai: Al Snow, Charlie Haas, Kurt Angle

Skips: Steve Blackman, Bill Demott, Albert

Rigby: Brian Kendrick, Nunzio, Gunner Scott

Lance Lunis: Jeff Hardy, X-Pac, Darren Drozdov

dexter:ray gun,exploding carbon clone,jet pack

More To Come

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