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Kevin's Rival

Chaun Boudreaux is a fellow student at Peach Creek Junior High and onetime best friend of Kevin. He lives down the street from the Eds, though far outside of the cul-de-sac.


Chaun is black, wearing a red jacket and a white a shirt and some blue jeans. He oftentimes wears sunglasses, even when indoors or at night.


Before his first appearance, he was best friends with Kevin for an unknown amount of time shortly after Kevin moved to Peach Creek from an unknown town. Sometime after, Kevin becomes friends with someone named Steven Jones from the trailer park and betrays him. Eventually, Kevin realizes what has happened and turns against Steven, and now Steven is in a Juvenial Detention Center.

Kevin's Rival

He first appears in 'Kevin's Rival' as someone whom Kevin doesn't get along with. Eddy realizes this and attempts to pit the two against each other, going as far as provoking Chaun into fighting Kevin. In the dean's office, Kevin and Chaun work out thier differences and become close friends. Chaun even realizes Eddy's involvement in provoking him and hatches a plan to get revenge that involved Chaun's fearsome-looking friend Landon.

Digimon Scammers

Chaun is in Digimon Scammers, even though Landon is nowhere to be seen. He is partnered with Wormmon.


The character was thought up as a character living in Lemon Brook and part of the football team over there. In an unpublished chapter of 'The End of the Ed as we Know it' he was supposed to meet the Eddy, Zack and Kevin in the desert expanse between Lemon Brook and Peach Creek where the car had crashed during the Big Picture Show. After that, the group slept over at Eddy's house since Kevin didn't have a key and his parents were trapped in Lemon Brook.

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