Cad Bane HS

Chris Bane

Chris Bane is Chris' bounty hunter alter-ego. He was only seen in the Me and The Eds episode "An Alien Among Us".

How about you step aside and let a man do his job

—Chris Bane, An Alien Among Us

Appearance in The Series

Chris Bane was a bounty hunter who worked for money and sodas. He commonly appears at night. At daylight, he is seen wearing a hooded jacket riding either a Sith Speeder or Sebulba's Podracer. He was later seen working only with Eddy.

Transport and Weapons

He was seen only was 2 laser pulse rifles. He was also seen with a shotgun. His most common way of transport is a Sith Speeder. In combat, he pilots Sebulba's Podracer. When confronting PCPD, he was seen with a wrist gun on his right arm.


  • "How about you step aside and let a man do his job".
  • "I'm in control. I'm callin' the shots now".
  • "My services do not come cheap. (opens a soda and drinks it) How about we strike a bargain and we'll see what I can do".


  • He is VERY similar to Cad Bane from "Star Wars, The Clone Wars".

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