The Eds and Sarah and Nazz are in Sector V of the END along with the rest of the kids and more.


Edd (Numbuh 1): The leader of Sector V and the smartest. He joined the END when he was seven years old and was able to build 2x4 technology, such as P.L.A.N.K. Pulled Leg And Nasty Kick (Sorry for the bad acronym). Under his hat he is bald. According to Numbuh 1, he, Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 3 have been best friends since Kindergarten. Edd usually wears a black ski hat, red T-shirt , purple shorts, red knee socks, and blue shoes, which acts as rocket shoes from him when he clicks his heels together. Numbuh 1 is described as the nicest, but the most workaholic member in Sector V, as he would rather go on mission than spend his day-off at the beach. His weapon of choice is the Gumball Gunner. Some of Edd's other inventions are the tape recorder bucket, the mop microphone, a jetpack, a decoy jawbreaker, and the Canadian Squirt Sniper.

Eddy (Numbuh 2): The second in comand and Edd's best friend. He is very skeptical and very mean. He usually picks on the little kids such as Sarah, Jimmy and others in his spare time. He despises his brother because he is working with Father. He is the third strongest in Sector V. The first being Ed and Sarah, the second. Eddy has three hairs. He wears a yellow polo with a red line through it, light blue jeans with a chain, white socks and red sneakers. Eddy flies around with Edd's jetpack. His weapon of choice is the Canadian Squirt Sniper and the El Mongo Stink Bomb.

Ed (Numbuh 3): The weak in the upper story Ed. He is the strongest member of Sector V, the second being Sarah. Ed gets distracted very easily from missions. If he gets told to guard something, he'll run off to do something unimportant at the moment. Ed usually wears a red and white striped shirt, a green jacket, baggy dark blue pants, and black shoes. He often gets yelled at by his Numbuh 4, Sarah, and will tell mom if he fails a mission, or doesn't do what she asks. Ed's weapon of choice is the Canadian Squirt Gattling Gun, a coat hanger, and his sock.

Sarah (Numbuh 4): Ed's bratty loudmouth sister Sarah. Sarah is very on top of things. If she gets told to do something she'll do it no problem. And if someone in her sector (Ed) gets in her way or makes her fail, she'll set that person straight or tell her mother. She is the second strongest next to Ed. Sarah has ginger hair. She usually wears a pink tank top, blue jeans, brown slip on shoes and earrings. Her weapon of choice is her version of the Gumball Gunner, and the Boomerang.

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