Corey is a character appearing in SSJ5G's/SSJ7G's Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z, as a supporting character to assist the Eds in their struggle to cope with their new lives as Saiyans. He is a Saiyan, and up until Episode 12, had his tail to prove it. Like all the other Saiyans seen in the series, Corey is a full-blooded Saiyan. He has spiky brown hair, wears a blue bandanna all the time, and has a teal fighting outfit with a green sash and wristbands. He also has the typical Namekian footwear on. As of the Chaos Saga, he is twelve years old.

Back Story

The School Wars

During the school wars, Corey fought as a general along side his cousins, Zach and Drew. They fought the evil Dr. Gero and Prof. Utonium, and with man power verses androids, they soon ended up at the two's central Base; the Superschool. Drew and Zach told Corey to go ahead, while they faced the Super Saibamen. Eventually, Corey found the core of the Superschool; but also found Proto-Metal Sonic.

After a near death battle for Corey, the stress and anger transformed him into a False Super Saiyan. After defeating Proto-Metal Sonic, Dr. Gero and Prof. Utonium; the two escaped in a pod (Much like the one used by Dr. Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog video games). Goku found Corey, and saved him just as the Superschool exploded.

The Heritage Saga

During the Heritage Saga, Corey and Drew trained the Eds. He and Drew spent the first few episodes trying to convince the Eds of their Saiyan Heritage, after Corey felt the deep power within them. He learned Kaio-Ken from Goku, just like the rest of the E-Team.

During Episode 11, Corey (along with the others) fought valiently against Power Prof. But soon found himself out matched. After Power Prof used his super form, Corey and Drew used the power of Kaio-Ken X20. But they were soon defeated. But after the world (Exept for Townsville, with the Mayor being brain washed into thinking the E-Team was evil; and saying "Don't give a bit of power to those saiyan rats!" (Not what he actualy said).

Then, using the Kaio-Ken X12 to attack; beating Power Prof with shere force. But soon, after Power Prof used the "Revenge Death Ball" to attack and destroy Corey and Drew. But with the Cousin's Kamehameha, the two fough back. After a long struggle, the Eds used a Chaos Emerald to distract Power Prof with "Chaos Sphere". The cousins finished Power prof with the mighty Kaio-Ken X15 Cousins Kamehameha. After which, the Eds trained, while Drew and Corey stared off into the sky.

Chaos Saga

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Tri-Beam Cannon





False Super Saiyan

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