Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Cousin Ed II"
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 001
Writer(s): Spongeman537
Director(s): Spongeman537
Storyboards by: Spongeman537
Previous Episode: N/A
Next Episode: It takes One to Know Fun

Cousin Ed II is the first Episode of the first season of Ed, Edd, n Eddy 2009 Ed-ition, a series created by Spongeman537.


Once again, it's summer in Peach Creek, and Double D is mad because his cousins Sandy and Molly are coming to stay for the whole summer. The next day is the first day of summer, and the two cousins are dropped off. Like last time, Sandy will not leave Eddy alone, and Ed is stupid (of course, he's always that way).

Sandy is very good at acting out Eddy's scams, making Eddy a quarter richer (Of course, this is amazing to Eddy). However, Sandy begins to wonder if Eddy's scams are actually intresting, or she just does it to be with Eddy. She can't stop thinking about the question, which distracts her from doing the scams. With all of his new scams failing, Eddy fires her as his scam vice president, giving the job back to Double D.

Double D and Ed are mad at Eddy, because she is seen crying on the curb. Eddy goes to apologize, and after he does, she stops crying (she seemed to fake it), and kisses Eddy on the Lips, and then skips away giggling.

In the end, Eddy, who has decided to pretend the kiss didn't happen, uses the quarter to buy the 5 jawbreakers. The 5 walk into the sunset, happily slurping.


Cousin Ed II transcript


  • Molly and Sandy are characters created by Manta-bee. All credit goes to her for creating the wonderful characters!

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