Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Cousins with the Enemy"
Season No.: 2
Episode No.: 24
Writer(s): Spongeman537
Director(s): Spongeman537
Previous Episode: Alienz
Next Episode: Ed vs. Edd vs. Eddy (1)

Cousins with the Enemy is the 24th episode of 2009 Ed-ition!


It is a peaceful day in the Cul-de-sac, everyone one is sleeping outside on hammocks. Until a school bus arrives.

Molly notices the bus, and reveals she had to have summer school in July. When she goes to get her things, Eddy notices that she is riding a Lemonbrook bus. After she leaves, Sandy reveals to the Eds that she and Molly are Lemonbrook students, and hate the Peach Creek Jr. High team, causing the Eds to take a automatic disliking to Sandy and Molly.

Unfortunetly, that night is a football games of the Cobblers against the Lumpers and the Eds are still on the team. During the fight, Sandy and Molly and their friends sit together and boo the Cobblers until they see the Eds are on the team and are getting beaten to death!

Molly runs into the field and interrupts the game as the Eds sneak out of the game. With Molly at school, Sandy must take care of all 3 Eds, because of their beatings, though she does not mind.


  • This is one of the only episodes where Molly has neither a main role or a supporting roll.

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