Cul-de-sac Smash Wii
Platform: Wii
Genre(s): Racing
Mode(s): Single to Multiplayer
Previous Game: N/A
Next Game: Cul-de-sac Wii #2!

Cul-de-sac Smash Wii is a fan made game by Spongeman537, it is the third in the series of cul-de-sac Smash and the first on a game console. It is only for the wii. It can be played by four players


Ed - Special Power: Slippery Gravy: Ed dumps Gravy on the course causing the floor to become wet and slippery and Hazardous for the other racers

Edd - Special Power: Electricity Hurts: Activate to make Electrify anyone who comes near

Eddy - Special Power: Jawbreaker rocks: Use to crush your opponents car

Nazz - Special Power: Cutie Pie: Use to stun any boy racers near you for about 20 seconds

Sarah - Special Power: The Sarah Rampage: When activated, Sara is invinsible for 20 seconds! (only works on races 7-10)

Jimmy - Special Power: Mr. Yum Yum attack: Attacks enemies and gets no gas

Jonny - Special Power: Splinter the wonderwood: attacks the Eds to be stunt and crys for about 1 minute

Rolf (Locked) - Special Power: Attack of the Tractor: Rolf can turn into his tractor which can destroy other racers easily

Kevin (Locked) - Special power: Chopping bite: Kevin attaks karts and eats them and destroy them!

Lee K. (Locked) - Special Power: Calling all trailers: this allows the player to crush any enemy nearby with the Kanker's trailer

May K. (Locked) - same as Lee's

Marie K. (Locked) - Same as Lee's

Eddy's Big Brother (Locked) - Special Power: Tank Crush: When activated, Eddy's Brothercan crush enemies and shoot enemies with bombs!

Evil Tim (Locked) - Special Power: The curse of the shadows: Evil Tim dumps Dark Goo on the course causing the floor to become evil and bad for the other racers to cross.


1: The Cul-de-sac

Cash Prize: $1.00

2: The Junkyard

Cash Prize: $3.50

3: Ed-tropolis

Cash Prize: $5.50

4: The Haunted House (from Honor thy Ed)

Cash Prize: $8.00

5: Peach Creek Jr. High Gym

Cash Prize: $10.00

6: The Woods

Cash Prize: $14.00

7: The Trailer Park

Cash Prize: $20.00

8: The Park

Cash Prize: $25.00

9: Lemonbrook Gag Factory

Cash Prize: $35.00

10: Mondo A Go Go (championship)

Cash Prize: $100! (GRAND PRIZE!)

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