Destroy, Ed, Destroy is a MaTE version of DBD. There are 3 episodes of the mini-series. The series is written by Casimus Prime.

The Teams

The teams in the episodes are as follows.

Episode 1: Ed Boys vs The Kanker Sisters. Winner: Ed Boys

Episode 2: Urban Rangers vs The Space Outlaws. Winner: The Urban Rangers

Episode 3: The Riders vs The Scammers. Winner: The Riders

Show Layout

Chris W.K comes out and introduces the teams and members. He will then present what they will build and what they will destroy to build with. Unlike DBD, they destroy thier own vehicle, BUT they build the other team's vehicle. Halfway through the build, they will have a Setback Challenge. Whoever wins has 2 options, destroy the enemies vehicle completely (forcing them to start over) or partially damage it. Once both teams are done building. The final challenge is performed. Whoever wins gets $5,000 and the oprotunity to watch the enemy team watch thier hard-built vehicle blow up, get smashed, or burn.


Episode 1: A transport truck. Built by destroying 2 RVs.

Episode 2: A glider. Built by destroying 2 awnings.

Episode 3: A bulldozer. Built by destroying 2 semi-trucks.


Each member of the team wins $5,000. They also get to watch the enemy team destroy thier own vehicle. Losers and winners get a DVD of the episode they competed in. Fans of the show pay an aditional $5.

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