THIS IS A VIDEO GAME.This all begins when Goku was fighting King Piccolo.King Piccolo opened a portal that led to the Ed,Edd n Eddy dimension.The Eds got sucked into it.But,King Piccolo escaped.So now,Goku must train the Eds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ed:Weapon-Head:Blast-Sphere of the Sphinx. Edd:Wapon-Ruler:Blast-Masenko Eddy:Weapon-Wallet:Blast-Ray of Riches Edna:Weapon-Bat:Blast-Burning Attack Goku:Weapon-Fist:Blast-Kamehameha Krillin:Weapon-Feet:Blast-Destructo-Disc Kevin:Weapon-Punch:Blast-Bike Crush(Buy for:500 Zenie) Rolf:Weapon-Fish:Blast-Victor-ious!(Buy for:500 Zenie) Jonny:Weapon-Plank:Blast-Melon-Bomb(Buy for 500 Zenie) Eddy`s Bro:Weapon-Punch:Blast-Car-Mania(Buy for:1000 Zenie) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the What-If Stories. 1.Super Sayian Krillin 2.Brothers of Ed and Double D 3.Kid Goku vs Kid Vegeta 4.Super Smash Eds Brawl 5.Eddy the Hedgehog More info coming soon

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