as seen in this wont hurt an ed

  for other uses, see James (Disambiguation)

James is a student at Peach Creek Jr. High. He doesn't have a proper appearance, however a picture of him is seen for a brief second in "This Won't Hurt an Ed".

He has wacky hair, wears glasses and is very fat. If the information on the script wasn't written in nonsense-scribbling or bad handwriting, we'd know more about him. It is unknown if James is currently in Peach Creek Jr. High with the Eds and other Cul-De-Sac kids.

He was originally made by Maro the Wan (which is Lordmakeup's old player after forgetting the password), then he was stolen.

In fanon

James is so so dumb and can't understand anything
Hall monitor

james as hall monitor

. His dad works at the jawbreaker factory. He appeares to like "fancy cats" and he mentioned that Eddy is the one who threw a brick at his head and made him dumb.

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