eddy annouces the next challenge is a stone age challenge , the first challenge is to escape from a giant dinosaur and the first who is at a cave wins the first challenge , the other tried to run from the dinosaur but ed was first at the cave that means he won the first challenge , the final challenge was to make fire , dick tried to make fire with rocks and a stick but for him dint work , kyle tried to make fire but his rocks fell from his hands on kevin foot , nazz tried to make fire but even for her dint inking how to make fire , may dint know how to make fire even lee dint know how to make fire , with kevin having hes foot hurt because of kyle he cant concetrate on the challenge even jenny dint know and ed make fire and he won the challenge and hes reward was a giant mammoth rib . at the guilded eddy ceremony the guilded eddy was gived to dick , ed , jenny , lee , marie , may and nazz and the bottom two was kevin and kyle and the final guilded eddy was to kevin and kyle was eliminated ans said that he dint know about how to make fire and he go to the lameosine

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