The EDS Enterprise E is 1 of the ships in the fan-made series Ed Trek.


The 1st thing fans think that is it is a straight copy of the USS Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie. It is yes and no. Yes the body is the same but not the features. The body is painted a light gold. The Nacelles A and B fire out blue heat. Casimus is captain, Edd is pilot and engineer, Ed is the weapon specialist, and Eddy goes wherever he's needed.


All the ships in Ed Trek have Photon Torpedoes. The EDS Enterprise features the turbolaser cannons, chicken laser, and death ray.


The bridge houses many things. 1st of being the entrance to the engine room. It features access to the onboard dining room. When the crew passes the night, there is a 4-bed bedroom. The door on the front is access to the saucer which is the control room and command center.

Destruction of the Enterprise

When the Kankers attacked the ship and when Rolf attacked Nacelle B which blasted out the chickens and Kevin attacked the turbolaser bay and destroyed Nacelle A, Casimus and Edd got together to look at the skeletal form after taking damage. Casimus activates the ship's self-destruct mode for 10 minutes. Casimus and the Eds land the Enterprise in The Junkyard. 5 minutes later, the Enterprise is gone. The Enterprise is usually where Ed starts crying.

Ed Trek: The Return of the Enterprise

Casimus Prime has confirmed a sequel to Ed Trek called Return of The Enterprise. It revolves around Edd wanting to rebuild the Enterprise as a better, more powerful vessel. Casimus grants the request by rebuilding thier crown jewel. The only difference being that it was renamed the EDS Enterprise EE, and it has a 3rd Nacelle.

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