The EDS Enterprise EE is the 2nd ship of the Edstarfleet. The ship was seen 1st in Ed Trek: The Return of the Enterprise.


As mentioned before, the EDS Enterprise EE is the same as the 1st but with a 3rd Warp Nacelle. The body has been painted a light silver instead of gold. The ship's saucer can disconnect from the back. This ship is currently the only one that is a new mold of the Enterprise (unlike the original).


The weapons are the same as Enterprise E. No new ones.


The ship was destroyed when Rolf planted an egg bomb on the bridge and released a poison through the hull and on. The ship wasn't really "destroyed". When trying to land in the Junkyard the ship's 3 Nacelle blew causing the ship to crash and the saucer to rip off the hull.

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