Ed Edd N Eddy the show is a fan made ed edd n eddy parody based of off ed edd n eddy ytp's. the plot is that the ed's got their own sketch show in order to make money.​  


Pre show

the pre show is random skits shown after the eds make their intro and just do it because something happened or just because they want to which usally happens to be the case.

Puppet show (won't appear until season 2)

What do you even expect. The god damn title explains it all. It's a puppet show, with ed edd n eddy in it

Random skits

pretty much is where clips of cartoons that are not ed edd n eddy are messed around with.

Animation(won't appear until later seasons)

Animations that are inserted by other people.

Advice from ed

Ed gives out bad advice

Finishing touch

The eds show off some skits to finish of the show


The pilot is called ed edd n eddy poop and it's just the skits.

Ed edd n eddy poop episode 1-148539464101:50

Ed edd n eddy poop episode 1-1485394641

Im so sorry I uploaded the video 9 times it's my first time making a wikia page

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