2009 Ed-ition! Season 1 is a fan-made DVD by Spongeman537 that contains the first 13 episodes of 2009 Ed-ition! It will be released in 2010.


Disc 1:

  • Cousin Ed II
  • It takes One to know Fun
  • Cul-de-sac Capers
  • Detective Double D
  • The scam that went Wrong
  • Pain in the Leg
  • Sandy vs. Lee

Disc 2:

  • The Family Tree
  • Loose Tooth
  • 24 (Hours Up)
  • First Kiss
  • Double D the daredevil
  • Weekend at Eddy's

Special Features

  • Commentary on Cousin Ed II and Weekend at Eddy's by Spongeman537
  • Cousin Ed, created by Manta-bee

Ed, Edd n Eddy Halloween Special II

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