Ed's Aunt is the aunt of Ed and Sarah and the sister of Ed's Dad or Ed's Mom. She is the unseen secondary antagonist.


Ed would have to live with her if he got bad grades(but he would only have to stay with her for a little while), as mentioned in the episode Mission Ed-Possible. It is most likely that she is the sister of Ed's Dad because Ed said that she has a mustache(which is really weird) similar personality to Ed's Dad because he has bushy ears and likes to watch TV after work. She has a cat which makes Ed sneeze meaning it could be one of his allergies. She never butters Ed's toast meaning that she could have a bad relationship with Ed which could explain why Ed wants Edd to give him the report cards so Ed's Mom wouldn't send Ed to her. She smells like cabbage, and she possibly lives far away. Because she forces Ed to use toothpicks, she obviously has an obsession with cleanliness.


Ed's Aunt's real name is not told of it.

Ed's Aunt serves as the secondary antagonist.

She has an obsession of cleanliness because she forces Ed by using toothpicks.

Ed's Aunt is one of the villains that do not appear on screen.

She is either the sister of Ed's father or his mother.

She has a pet cat which causes Ed to sneeze meaning that it could be one of his alleriges.

She never butters Ed's toast meaning that she could have a bad relationship.

Ed's Aunt's gender is a female.

Ed's Aunt lives far away from the Cul-De-Sac.

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