Ed's Parents are well, Ed's Parents.

Ed's Mom

Ed's Mom is only heard by Sarah, who usually threatens Ed to stop doing something he's doing by always screaming, "I'm Telling Mom!". In which case Ed usually gets scared and tries to run away. That proves that Ed's mom does all the disciplining around the house. Ed's Mom could be even taller than 5'9" as revealed in Over Your Ed, Ed is '5'"9", give or take.


Ed's mom is first 'seen' in "Rock-a-Bye Ed", in Ed's dream with blond hair and a pink dress with a white apron on. The face is revealed but instead of the true face, his mom's face is actually Jonny 2x4's face, turning out to be a nightmare. It was all just a dream, Ed's Mom's arm on screen is totally different than her arm shown in the Rock-a-Bye Ed dream!

In "Mission Ed-Possible" when Double-D tells Ed and Eddy that their report cards have already been delivered a long skinny white arm with a pearled ring and bracelet appears as Ed's Mom. Her arm's appearance makes it seem that she's more older than she is in Rock-a-Bye Ed. We also learn that Ed's Mom punishes Ed by sending him away to live with his Aunt when Ed says, "No Auntie for Ed!" Her real arm appearance in Mission Ed-Possible is very different from her fake appearance in the Rock-a-Bye Ed dream, so that means the dream Ed had in the former episode doesn't show an accurate picture of his mother. Dreams in sleeping usually do not have a truth.


In the episode "3 Squares and an Ed," Ed's mother and father remove everything in his room and just outside his room (Outside of Ed's room is laundry machines and the stairway to the main floor).

Ed's Dad

Ed's Dad is obviously Ed's father. He was mentioned in the episode Cool Hand Ed. Ed mentions he has bushy ears and just sits down and watches TV for the rest of the day after work. He has not appeared in the series. He seems to just want to relax after work. In Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures, Ed mentions him in Level 3. In the episode For Your Ed Only, Ed said that if Sarah knows the Eds found her diary, Sarah will tell Mom, and Mom will tell Dad, and Dad will say, "Not now, I just got home from work". Ed's dad seems to be really ugly or scary since in the episode Honor Thy Ed when Edd says that he heard a shreak of terror Ed replies that his dad must be home. He apears in Star Eds 64 as James McCloud.

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