Ed ouders

Ed's parents as they were first designed.

Background information about Ed's parents. This concerns VampireMeerkat's design.

Ed's parents made their first appearance in 2009, and were again in developement since the beginning of 2013. Their 2013 designs have been confirmed.

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Last published design (2013).

Full name: Angela Felicia
Age: 38

Angela is Ed and Sarah's mother. She's a housewife and therefore usually busy in and around the house, but hardly ever spotted.
She's a sweet and hardworking mother, though can be just as often aggressive and manipulative. She tends to treat her husband with the same amount of respect Sarah has for Ed. She likes jewelry and always manages to get whatever she wants from Tim.

Ed likes to impress her the most, as she's often angry with him and he feels like he has to prove himself to her.


She has blonde hair, blue eyes, long fake nails, and usually wears a white ribbon headband and a pink dress with a white apron. At other times she wears a purple dress.



Alternate design.

Full name: Tim
Age: 38

Tim is Ed and Sarah's father.
He's a slacker at home, but a hard worker outdoors. He often works till late at night and always returns beaten-down and zombified, causing some screams when he comes home.
While it's always expected of him to solve all family issues, he taught himself to become deaf for the neverending complaints from his wife and daughter.

He likes to spend every bit of spare time he has on himself, and therefore is never interested hearing about any problems concerning his son, Ed, which he tends not to take seriously.


He has orange hair, brown eyes, yellow teeth and is all around hairy.


  • Angela's design is mostly based from Ed's dream in the episode "Rock-a-Bye Ed".
  • Angela slightly resembles Sarah, especially Sarah's adult design.

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