This series of Ed,Edd n Eddy is live action.

Episodes(in production order)

  • 1-An Ed is Born
  • 2-Button Yer Ed
  • 3-Ed,Ed and Away

Ed,Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show,The Day the Ed Stood Still, and One+One=Ed are postponed due to need of computer animation.


To audition,notify me on my user page.Here's a link-User:Eddlikeshotsauce.Must also know how to Act.

Ed-(Casting)-We are generally looking for someone 10-12 with orange hair.P.S.Must supply baby picture.


Eddy-(Casting)We are looking for someone w/ blackich hair that is shorter than normal.

Rolf-(Casting)-We are on the search for someone tall,10-13 with black hair.

Jonny-TBA-We might have someone,but this is doubtful.

Nazz-(Casting)-We're looking for a cute girl with yellowinsh hair.

Jimmy-We're on the lookout for a plae boy 6-9 with blonde hair.

Kevin-Same as Jonny.

Sarah-We're looking for a girl 6-9 with orange hair.

The Kanker Sisters-TBA whether they're in the series at all.

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