This takes place during the revenge saga.This is a 4 player game.It will be on the Wii,DS, and the PSP.It will be 3 player on the PSP.It is 2 player on the DS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prologe-All was right in the world.But,no one knew that Eggman was collecting the Dragonballs and the Chaos Emeralds! He heard of a powerful,evil being called Kid Buu, and he brought him back to life! Buu killed him though.He destroyed the entire Death Egg! But before he went to Earth, he found amachine of Eggman falling.It can destroy an entire planet.Buu did stuff to it and now it can turn people into his chocolate slaves! Everyone in the universe was hit by the blast.Only a few people wern`t hit.The Eds and Goku are the only ones who can stop Buu. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ed-Attacks:Sphere of the Sphinx,Zappity Zap Zap,and the Kamehameha.Ultimate-Eds Kamehameha.Transformations-Kaiokenx20,Lothar, and Edzilla. Edd-Attacks:Kamehameha,Special Beam Cannon, and the Masenko.Ultimate-Chaos Blade.Transformations-Kaiokenx20 and the Masked Mumbler. Eddy-Attacks:Kamehameha,Blaster Shell, and Ray of Riches.Ultimate-El Mongo Stink Bomb.Transformations-Kaiokenx20 and Professor Scam.Goku-Attacks:Kamehameha, Dragon Fist,and Kaioken Attack.Ultimate-Spirit Bomb.Transformations-Super Sayian Levels:1,2,3,4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unlockable Characters(You have to beat the chocolate versions of them)-The Cousin Trio,The Sonic Gang,The Mario Bros,Ben 10,Luke Skywalker,The Kids of the Cul-De-Sac,and Vegeta.LEVELS AND BOSSES COMING SOON!!!

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