"I can't believe Kevin kicked us out of his New Year's Day party.Even those seven new kids got in.I can't believe it!"Eddy yelled.

"Look on the bright side,Eddy,"Edd said."Sarah and Jimmy didn't make it in either."

"What's wrong with Ed?" Eddy asked.Ed was in a hypnotic state.

"One of our number will cease to exist the coming year!"he said."One of us along with 11 others will not make it to next year!He who howls at night beholdeth danger!The werewolf starts its cycle now!!

"Werewolf?"Edd said.

"Those don't exist,"Eddy said."It's a full moon,though."

The howling began that night.

  • * *

Ed,Edd n Eddy meet the Werewolf is an upcoming video game from Eddlikeshotsauce.Just as with Ed,Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show:The Video Game(Game Boy),this game includes the same gameplay as Ed,Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show:The Video Game(Game Boy),except there are 12 worlds,a tutorial level starring Lee Kanker,you unlock almost every character in story mode,and this game is exclusive to the PS3,and this game is 3-D as compared to the original 2-D format of its counterpart.What you just read above is the prologue cutscene for the game.

Major Characters

The protagonist of this story is Edd,with him narrating.

Edd-He is the leader of the recently-formed KDC,or 'Killer Defeater Club'.He is the first to think that the killer is non-human.

Tagging Welcome:Sings "Werewolf,werewolf,where's the big,bad werewolf?" to the tune of "Pocket Full of Posies".

Attack:Throws chess pieces long-distance,short distance pepper spray.

Abilities:He can double-jump(get it?His nickname's Double-D) and can get out a rad new motorcycle.He also has the 'Werewolf Repellent' move,which repels enemies.Collect a Ray of Electricity to do this.

Ed-Edd's best friend.He believes in the werewolf lore but is not included in the KDC,in the other member's fear of him revealing their secret.

Tagging Welcome:Laughs,but then it turns into a shiver of fear.

Attack:Throws any character not on-screen long distance,bangs his head short distance.

Abilities:Ed is ammune to any attack(although falling and werewolves still hurt him),and is able to fly when you press a button.

Eddy-The leader of the Eds.To all of my critics(namely,everyone on this wiki except Jyspyster1 and Cartoon Mario)will not like what happens to Eddy,but rest assure,he is not a victim of the werewolf.

Tagging welcome:Screams,then says,"KEVIN! I HATE YOU!"

Attack long distance throws the El-Mongo Stink Bomb,short distance he picks off one of his hairs and uses it as a knife.

Abilities:If you collect 50 coins playing as him,he will become invincible for 10 seconds.Also if you collect a dollar bill,he will do the banana split,which means he will do a disco move then eliminate all on-screen enemies.

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