Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy college is a fan fiction series created by Coolmanawsomedude333. It shows life for Ed, Edd, and Edddy intherer 20's and in college.

Ed edd n eddy college

The Eds in there newer appearence


Ed is still stupid but has gotten a little stupid-er-is. He Still has his glasses from the highschool sereies and wears his jacket zipped up most of the time. He wears dark blue jean pants and his hair is a little curly or bent. He is 27 he is still in college 'cause he failed gym 13 times.
Ed age 27

Ed age 27


Edd (double-d) has gotten very light from a chemical explosion caused by Ed and Eddy. He wears glasses and has styled his hair to what Eddy calls " a cartoon of Michael Jackson's hair." Some of his hair has gotten grey from the stress caused by Ed and Eddy but he still loves them dearly. Edd is 21. He's majoring in Philosophy.


Eddy still has his 5 extra hairs. But deep down Eddy is a sad bitter drunk. He's been smoking and drinking ever science his pop Jack was shot and killed by a robot bear he bought when he was 19. He drives his brothers old car and owns club ed, witch also has a loft where Eddy lives above it. He's majoring in buiness and still scams people. He wears a white shirt and a gold chain his father gave him. He's 25.
Eddy age 25


Johnny 2 by 4 (deceased)

Johnny was one of the eds only friends. He wore a never forget plank shirt.


Johnny was killed by the eds look alikes in "if it walks like an ed, talks like an ed, it ain't a ed" his funeral was sad.

More comming soon

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