Ed, Edd, Eddy as the Beatles is a request suggested by Hewhoseesthings on deviant to VampireMeerkat.

Hewhoseesthings: I have an idea

Ed, Edd, n Eddy as the Beatles.

Paul McCartney: Jimmy Ringo Starr: Ed George Harrison: Eddy John Lennon: Edd

Paul's design: Very simple design. Make him a bit taller, throw him in a suit and comb his hair over like his hair in highschool.

Ringo Starr: Famous for being a silly Beatle, Ed fits right into his place. Drummer.

George Harrison: Make eddy taller, and a bit thicker, like the highschool model. A amazing lead guitarist, spicing up every song.

John Lennon: The most complex and smart member. Had an amazing social impact on the 20th century. Know to have a lot of hair (hence Edd's hairstyle) and iconic round glasses.

This is more of an idea than a request. I know you have had your hands full lately but this is something I wanna see, and I know your the only one who can make it.

VampireMeerkat: I am not really a fan of the Beatles. I like them, but not enough to make fanart of.

Of all people, why Jimmy?

In general I don't take requests now, since I still have to finish some others, and I find it hard to get the motivation.

Finally and miraculously Vampire Meerkat did the request The BeatEds by VampireMeerkat

Technomaru already parodied the movie "The Beatles: Yellow Submarine" in chapter 22 of Ed, Edd, Eddy n Edna but with Ed as Ringo, Edd as Paul, Eddy as George, and Edna dressed as John. In a strange hallucnation caused by eating Edna's older sister's "special peppers" they go to Pepperland in a yellow submarine and save it from the Blue Meanies. For some strange reason the four Eds have british accents in this hallucination.

This fanfic is based on Casimus Prime's fanfic A Ed Day's Night.

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