The Characters Gain super powers by strange radioactive from the sky each character has any super powers.


The Heroes

Ed/Mutator: Ed is a idiot who has a ability to slime everything

Edd/The Cranuim : Edd is a inventor and he has a ability to remind and he always sits on a hover chair

Eddy/Mr.Cash: Is fun with Money and he super strong

Emily/Flame Girl: is a pink lover she has a ability to make fire

Nazz/PrettyNazz: is a funky looking woman she has a ablilty to make herself look pretty and Grow and Stretch far

Rolf/Morphing Boy: is a farmer looking he has ability to morph

The Villains

Villains coming soon


Halloween in Peach Creek

Its Halloween and a toxie metor from outer space came down to earth and smash to the playground again

The attack of the 50.ft Kankers

The Kankers eats overradioactive mashed potato (again)

More Coming soon!


The Eds powers are from the comic called Super Eds

Nazz's Hair Change off of Monster Vs Aliens Susan Murthy's white hair

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