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This fanfiction is yet another Ed, Edd n Eddy/Total Drama Island crossover.
As if we couldn't get enough of them...

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Ed, Edd n' Eddy The Super- Edventures!
Ed, Edd n' Eddy The Super- Edventures!
Released: May 10, 2011
Platform: Wii
Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Mode(s): Multiplayer Battle
Ratings: E10+
Next Game: Ed, Edd n' Eddy The Epic- Edventures

Ed, Edd n' Eddy The Super- Edventures! is an epic adventure that takes place after Total Drama World Tour. It was created by AKA Cartoon fan 19:54, July 12, 2010 (UTC).


At a beach, two seals see a crust of earth floating by with three teens, Ed, Edd & Eddy (they are 13 years old in this game). The Eds jump off the crust and Edd remarks that the island is strange, Eddy thinks that it is a death trap and Ed digs holes like an idiot. A sound like screaming comes out of nowhere, and when the Eds hear it they start an action adventure!!


In the gameplay, the Eds have to rescue the eliminated contestants from Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

Level Name Contestant Name World Name Map
Chelumcham Izzy Waterlands
Charpoes Owen Waterlands
Chimerum Noah Waterlands
Smugglers Cove Tyler Waterlands
Boss: Giant Whale None Waterlands
Desert Outpost Duncan Desertlands
Bleak Caves Ezekiel Desertlands
Ancient Pyramids Courtney Desertlands
Dark Cidatel Alejandro Desertlands
Boss: SandStorm Lizard None Desertlands
Icy Fields Bridgette The Alps
Cold Caves DJ The Alps
Freeze Lake Sierra The Alps
Mountain Path Cody The Alps
Boss: Ice Scorpion None The Alps
Logging Post Gwen The Jungle
Ancient Forest Heather The Jungle
Forbidden Shrine Harold The Jungle
The Chamber LeShawna The Jungle
Boss: The King Cobra None The Jungle
Lava Reservior Lindsay Lava Industries
Dark Caves Jo Lava Industries
Magma Flow Factory


Lava Industries Magma Flow Factory Map
Molten River Mike Lava Industries
Lava Industrial Sewers Blaineley Lava Industries
Robot Foundry Zoey Lava Industries Robot Foundry
Boss Level: Sky High Tower Lightning Lava Industries
Sky Rampage None The Sky
Giant Mountains Molly The Sky
Sky Forest Scott The Sky
The Ed's Ship Anne Maria The Sky
Galaga Reference None Space
Robot Planet Surface Cameron Space
Space Station None Space
Boss Level: Galaga Reference(Again) Dakota Space
Dark Fields Ron Evil Planet
Castle Crush Mary Evil Planet
The Peak Of The Castle Brick Evil Planet
Final Boss: Evil Tim's Battle None Evil Planet


Name HP
Chopbot 3
Mushroombot 3
Giant Mushroombot 5
Scorpionbot 4
Brutebot 5
Lazerbot 4
Clawbot 3
Spiketop bots 2
Icebot 3
Fishbots Ignore them
Monkeybot 3
Pandabot 3
Centibot 5
Dragonflybot 2
Flamethrowerbot 4
Cannonbot 3
Miningbot 3
Gun & shield bot 4
Grinderbot 5
Electrocuderbot 6
Bombbot 3
Grenadeplanterbot 3
Birdbot Ignore them
Bonecrusher 4
BallBot 3
Creepbot 4
Krabbot 4


The game was a critical and commercial success. It sold about 5 million copies on Wii. IGN said it was "much more refreshing than the previous game, since it was too easy and short." It won the "Best Video game of The Year Award" in 2011, but lost to Grand Theft Auto 5 for "All Time-Favorite Game". It ranked #100 on Metacritic's 500-Must Play Game List. On the opening weekend, it sold over 500,000 units.

IGN ranked the game a 10 out of 10, Metacritic rated it a 9.9 out of 10, and X-play gave it a 5 out of 5.

Here's more reception =D The Reception is based on IGN


Big and bold, with a progression that's been tightened up and streamlined. This is Ed, Edd & Eddy at their core, and one of the best, if not the best, Cartoonnetwork Interactive has to offer.


A testament to the amazing game engine from 2007: it still looks wierd, awsome, fantastic and beautiful.


A much stronger saturation of "big band" tunes here, and that's just awesome.


This is the absolute pinnacle of the Eds gameplay: everything that makes an Ed, Edd & Eddy game so incredibly fun is represented here. Only in 3D.

Lasting Appeal

If you just want to get to Evil Tim, you'll be done in a few hours. But if you want to strut your gaming skills you'll be playing this one for weeks.

Why rated E10+

Here's why is rated E10+

  1. Dramatic Scenes
  2. Cartoon Violence
  3. Fantasy Violence

Not too screwed up

When the programmers where making the game, they redesigned the camera functions to make it them more realistic and less likely to get stuck in odd places like the previous game. They worked hard on the level design, making them visually appealing and they based the enemies off of Total Drama World Tour. They gave it a fully orchestrated soundtrack and focused a lot of time and effort on the game's graphics.


  • Eddy
  • Edd
  • Ed
  • The Ed's have explored a new enemy, Giant Mushroom Bots!!
  • Robots setup a new trap, wooden boards that have spikes on it!!
  • Back at the Ed, Edd n' Eddy headquarters, Edd looked at the prototype computer that it lies!!!
  • The Ed's lost in the jungle.
  • Edd's new invention, Elevator boots!
  • The Ed's use this as a weapon, is called The Blastatron 3000.
  • The leftovers behind the headquarters.
  • One of the enemies in the game.
  • BoneCrusher


Sky High Tower music wma

Music heard in Lava Factory Levels

Star Fox Adventures Music - Options Menu00:00

Star Fox Adventures Music - Options Menu

Music Heard in the Main Menu!

Star Fox Adventures Music - Krazoa Shrine00:00

Star Fox Adventures Music - Krazoa Shrine

Music heard in Forbidden shrine & The chamber!

More Coming Soon

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