"Ed, Edd n Eddy's Brand New Show!"
Date written: 2009 - present
Writer: Various

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Brand New Show! is a fanmade series.


The plot is very similar to many incarnations, except the cast of characters is larger.



Teen Trio

The teen trio, from left to right, Irene, Beth, Ron.

  • The Teen Trio - A group of teenagers who drove by the Cul-De-Sac in their car.
    • Irene- A girl whose clothing is slightly goth-stlyed. She and Edd fell in love with each other briefly when she thought he was older.
    • Ron - A tall boy with brown hair. He appears to be the only male in the group. His name is only shown in the credits.
    • Beth - A girl with blue hair and a deep tan. Her name is only shown in the credits.

(Characters only appearing in "Teen Ed")

  • Alana - Appears only in "Ro-berta" and "Ro-berta Returns".
  • Susanne - One of the ghost hunting team members, she is a bit reluctant, because she fears ghosts, but their leader Gary tells her that she can face her fears, overcome them and catch those ghosts, which is why they let her have a chance to join the team.
  • Gary - The leader of the ghost-hunting team.

(Characters only appearing in "Who ya Gonna Ed?")

  • Tommy - He is enthusiastic, but likely to jump to conclusions. In one episode, when he made a bet with Molly, he couldn't stand to lose so he wanted a "do-over".
  • Shari - A dark-skinned girl who wears glasses. Only seen in the episode "Sneaking Out".


Episode number Episode name Synopsis Scams Performed
1. Don't Ed Me Over/Ro-berta The occasional wonder of what is under Edd's hat rises up again, and it is discovered he wears his hat to hide a bad haircut. Mary offers to fix his hair and then ends up giving him a full-fledged makeover. After Edd gets noticed, Eddy grows jealous and all the girls seem to suddenly be interested in him, but it is more than he can handle. After James covers Edd and lets him know when the heat is off, Edd realizes he was happier before and decides to go back to the way he was.Notes: This is the first time we see what's under Edd's hat, but after he is given a new haircut, the exception being in Quick Shot Ed, though it may have been a wig. / Edd builds a robot assistant. Scam: TBA
2. The Man with Two Eds/Don't be an Ediot TBA / The Eds come up with a new scam; music videos! The thing is, they need materials for backgrounds and special effects. They gather up their instruments from "Boys Will Be Eds" and start their band. The catch is, some other kids want to join in too. So then we get to see the musical stylings of Rolf, Nazz, Plank and more. Scam: Music Videos (Don't be an Ediot).
3. Eddy's Nightmare/Construction Site Haste TBA. Scam: TBA
4. The Ed Couple/Seasons in the Ed TBA. Scam:TBA
5. Teen Ed/Walk Around the Ed The Eds hatch a new scam, Ed's Hip Hop Dance class. Eddy is convinced by it's hip image, that they will gather customers. But no one seems to be interested. Edd, noticing it is a faliure, decides to call it a day. Eddy tells him not to leave and that it will work if they keep trying at it, but Edd is not convinced. While he is walking out of the garage, he sees a car in the street playing loud music. As soon as he tries to tell the loiterers in the car to turn down the music, he spots a cute girl and is smitten. Turns out, the girl likes him too, but one thing, she thinks he is older than he actually is.

Notes: This is the first, and only appearance of The Teen Trio in the series. / TBA.

Scam: Ed's Hip-Hop Dance Class (Teen Ed).
6. Lights, Camera, Ed/Ed Time For You The Eds try to make a movie and try to get the cul-de-sac kids involved / TBA. Scam: Movie Studio (Lights, Camera, Ed).
7. A Friend in Ed The Kankers kidnap Sandy on Halloween night. Scam: None
8. Eds on Ice / There's No Places Like Ed It's a sweltering summer day and the Eds were dying and too hot. So Eddy had an idea for a scam to keep the weather cool. In Double D's Lab, Double D created the new Weather Machine and when Eddy pushes the button the rocket goes up to the clouds and the Sun is gone and it begins to snow. Then Double D shivers and watches the Temperature go way down and looks out the window. So the Eds tired to plan to bring the Sun back. / Eddy and Double D must stop Ed before he runs away from home. Scam: Weather-Ed-Machine (Double D's Inventor)
9. Who ya Gonna Ed?/The Strange New Kids Evil Tim and his siblings decide to haunt the Cul-de-sac. A team of ghost hunters find out that ghosts are in the Peach Creek area and go over to investigate. The Eds join them and seek out the ghostly Evil brothers. / Mary, from the first episode, comes back and introduces everyone to her brother, Marty. They become friends with everyone (with the exception of Kevin and the Kankers). It turns out they are extremely perfect, and Mary's skills miff Sarah and Nazz and Marty's miff the Eds and Kevin.But then it is discovered they are selfish and want to take over the show, and have everyone love them instead of the characters already appearing on it.

Everyone must team up to stop them, before it's too late! Notes: The fourth wall is broken when Mary and Marty declare that the show is theirs.

10. Ro-berta Returns/Ed, Edd n Edwin TBA. Scam:
11. Living Of The Sun-Ed/Magic Ed The Eds search for light in the cul-de-sac / Nazz and Emily have a sleepover and dream of a fairytale-like scenario. Scam:
12. Mine of an Ed/Skate Ed The cul-de-sac meets Marty's older adopted bro Lou, while trying to prove that Lou's not perfect, Edna finds something in his folder. Scam:
13. Scam an Ed/Spring Ball This is about Lou trying to impress Marie. / TBA Scam:
14. Alejandro's Prophecy Part 1/Alejandro's Siege Part 2 Scam: TBA
15. First Piece of Ed/Second Piece of Ed Scam: TBA
16. Third Piece of Ed/Fourth Piece of Ed Scam: TBA
17. Fifth Piece of Ed/Sixth Piece of Ed Scam: TBA
18. Seventh Piece of Ed/Eighth Piece of Ed Scam: TBA
19. Ninth Piece of Ed/Last Piece of Ed Scam: TBA
20. The Destruction of Peach Creek Part 1/The Destruction of Peach Creek Part 2 Scam: TBA

This show is now free-for-all. Feel free to write your own episodes, as well as fill in the plot for the episodes with the description "TBA".


  • Edna makes a few appearances in the show.
  • When Marty says his sister is in Korea, Eddy jokes "To get inked and colored?" as a fourth wall break. This is due to the fact that Ed, Edd n Eddy episode animations are shipped of to Korea to be colored and inked.

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