Ed, Edd n Eddy's Quest for Quarters is a complete fanfiction written by Kirkland22.


Ed, Edd n Eddy's Quest for Quarters is about the Eds trying to obtain a quarter so they can give Kevin his change after he purchased a scam item. Kevin had just bought the item that cost 25 cents with a 50 cent piece, but the Eds did not have a quarter to give him back. Now, the Eds must get a quarter somehow before the weekend, or else Kevin will abandon his transaction with the Eds.

Chapter 1: Kevin has given the Eds a half dollar in payment for a scam item. However, the item only cost 25 cents, and therefore the Eds must give him back a quarter in change. Only trouble is, they don't have a quarter to give Kevin for change. Eddy tries to dodge having to give back a quarter, but Kevin does not agree. Now, the Eds are placed with the burden of obtaining an extra quarter to give Kevin.

Chapter 2: The Eds begin to suggest ideas about how they could obtain the 25 cents. They try to scam the kids, and then search stores throughout Peach Creek looking for dropped change on the floor. All their attempts fail, but they still have some more time to get that quarter.

Chapter 3: The Eds bake a cake to sell to the kids. Unfortunately, Ed and Eddy mess the cake up and this scam fails. They try metal detecting, trade negotiations, and scams, but all fail. Finally, the Eds give up and must give Kevin the half dollar back the next day.

Chapter 4: The Eds give Kevin his half dollar back and Kevin returns the pencil jar. The Eds now are disappointed after failing to obtain the money to repay Kevin's 25 extra cents to complete the scam.


1. Making Change

2. The Quarter Quest Begins

3. The Last Chance

4. The Failure of a Succeeding Scam


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