Ed, Edd n Eddy's Super Smackdown is a wrestling game starring the Ed, Edd n Eddy characters.


  • Ed
  • Weapon: Head
  • Attacks: Head Slam, Head Dive, Head Spin, Burr-Head Bump
  • Special Attack: Big Trouble:Ed sreams his oppoments away.
  • Edd
  • Weapon: Toy Lazer
  • Attacks: Lazer Shot, Lazer Blast, Lazer Tornado, Lazer Bomb
  • Special Attack: Lazer Frenzy:Double D goes insane and sets the Lazor to overload and it releases 30 shots in one hit.

  • Eddy
  • Weapon: Yo-Yo
  • Attacks: Yo-Yo Zip, Yo-Yo Smack, Yo-Yo Turn, Yo-Yo Dive
  • Special Attack: Hot Sauce:Eddy chugs a gallon of his brother's hot sauce, causing him to shoot fire out of his mouth, making him able to burn his oppoments into flames like a flamethrower.

  • Edna
  • Weapon:Ruler
  •  Attacks:Ruler Slap, Ruler Whack, Ruler Swirl, Ruler Home Run
  • Special Attack: Science Bomb:Edna shakes a gallon of acid with bases making a bomb exploding her oppoments away.

  • Eddie
  • Weapon: Toy Maise
  • Attacks: Maise Whack, Maise Smack, Maise Revolve, Maise Bomb
  • Special Attack: TNT Nation:Eddie throws a gallon of Dynamite everywhere.

  • Kevin
  • Weapon: Bike
  • Attacks: Bike Thack, Bike Zoom, Bike Spin, Bike Olie
  • Special Attack: Burned Rubber:Kevin rides his bike in a circle, causing him to make a tornado of fire, making him to burn his oppoments.

  • Nazz
  • Weapon: Bubble Gum
  • Attacks: Bubble Pop, Bubble Blow, Bubble Rotate, Bubble Shoot
  • Special Attack: Human Bubble:Nazz blows a titanic bubble cause damage to opponents and blows them away.

Will get back to it soon.

Quotes (Interative)

Character Select Quote Win Quote Lose Quote Pain Quote(s) Death Quote Special Attack Quote
Ed Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I am the overlord. Awwww. Hello, Ow, Ouchie Ooo, they got me. BIG TROUBLE!!!!!
Edd This is so exciting. I won?! Darn it! Ouch, Ow, Assistance please Oh no! Ivegoneinsane! Mwah ha ha ha Ha!
Eddy Bring it on! I Rule! You gotta be kiddna me!? Ow, Ouch, Hey, Oof Uncle, uncle! Aaaaaah! Man, that's hot!
Edna Thanks for your choice. Hooray!  How upseting! Ouch, Ow, Oof, Eeeeh  Why, Lord, why?! Prepare to be amazed
Eddie You won't be disapointed. Yes, yes, yes! What!? I lost?! Ow, Ouch, Hey, Oof, Whoa Darn you all! I'll kill you all!

More soon.

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