Ed, Edd n Eddy: Castlevania is a series of video games, licensed by A.K.A Studios, with permission from Konami. The series tells of the cul-de-sac kids being descendants of the legendary vampire hunters that killed Dracula before

On one night, Dracula rises and takes refuge in the abandoned house. The house has been destroyed years back, but the castle had risen in it's place. The kids are not sure what to make of it until Jimmy and Sarah's kidnapping and murder. Now, using the ancestral weapons their ancestors used, they go off to fight Dracula.


Ed Van Helsing: Ed is a descendant of the legendary vampire hunter, Gabriel Van Helsing. Ed was always considered stupid, weird and would have no future. He is a horror movie fan with a knowledge of vampires that can surpass anyone who thinks he/she is knows all about him. One night, his friends Eddy and Edd stayed over at his house for the night, and Dracula's castle rose from the ground. Nobody believed him at first when he said Dracula has rised again. After the murder of Sarah and Jimmy, they realized that Ed was right. Now, He and his friends are goin to the castle. Weapons of choice: crossbow, holy pistol.

Edd Harker: Edd Harker is a descendant of the also legendary vampire hunter, Jonathan Harker. He is a straight-A student, but is made fun of at school, being called a nerd, teacher's pet or a dork. His friends are the only people he can trust.

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