Ed, Edd n Eddy: I Am Legend is a fan fiction created by Jack A. Jones. It tells the story of Eddy, The last man

on Earth. He is in a world inhabitated by vampires. He has to live while fending off vampires, and living alone. He finds a puppy and takes it home. And he also has to find a cure for the infection. How he hated learning.


Eddy: Eddy is thought to be the last man on Earth. Eddy is described of English-german-Canadian descent. He is also described as having 3 long black hairs and having eyes of brown. He is the only survivor of a virus made to cure cancer. The experiment went to people with cancer, but it mutated inside their bodies, making them vampires. The only person that keeps him company is his 1 year young Laborador Penny. Penny dies later in the movie. When he dies, he becomes depressed. he also dies protecting the cure by securing 5 survivors in a closet and taking C4, detonating it, running into all of the vampires killing half of them with it. He kills all but two(Early in the movie, every day he would go into other houses and killing vampires.) before he dies, he makes a reference to I Am Legend. He Says" I am the new superstition entering the fortress of Forever. I Am Legend."

Penny: Penny was a 2 week old puppy Eddy got for his 12th birthday. He is 1 year old, and Eddy is 13. He is extremely loyal to his master and also really strong. He dies when Eddy tries a test cure on him after he was bitten. He and eddy are immune to the airborne virus. but, eddy is also immune to the cutting, biting or scratching. Penny doesn't. After he dies, Eddy buries him in his backyard. As he buries him, he listened to My Immortal. He becomes depressed after holding a funeral service.

Vampires: Vampires are the main enemies Eddy has to face. like the myths say, garlic, stakes, and mirrors are their weaknesses. Edd is the Alpha Male of the vampires. Ed is Second-in-command. They all thirst for Eddy's blood. Near the end of the film some rogue survivors decide to take action into their own hands. they killed many of the vampires, but not all of them. Eddy worked hard and tireless to kill all of the vampires in the state. He managed to kill half of them, and he killed the other half over a period of time. Today, the vampires see him as a legend because he killed so many, leaving an everlasting impression on history.


If anyone has a picture of a movie poster of Eddy walking like the real I am Legend poster, post one.

this is influenced off of I Am Legend.

I will write this soon.

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